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Watching TV each program, film, or commercial typically has its own sonic universe. This project however, was focused on TV4's channel identity sounds. The station's own sound logo, bumpers and background loops are examples of branded audio assets viewers may not think much about, they are just there. Over time however, we instantly associate them with the station brand and they create a strong sense of familiarity and recognition.

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What does a bumper do really?

Bumpers play a central role in the TV station flow and serve as transition tools, ensuring smooth shifts between programs, commercial breaks, trailers and billboards. In our workshops with TV4 and design partner Kurppa Hosk, we discussed how these sounds provide moments for viewers to mentally digest what they’ve just seen and prepare for what comes next. The bumpers contribute to maintaining continuous engagement throughout the viewing experience. Over time, all the sounds also contribute to fostering a sense of familiarity and loyalty among the audience.

TV4 bumber - "Vildmark"

TV4 Bumper - "Skärgård"

We wanted the identity sounds to feel warm and inclusive but also capture TV4 as a digital and forward-looking brand.

TV4 Bumber - background loop

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